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Training Methods

At Pawsitive Pals, I believe in the potential of positive reinforcement and a compassionate approach to training.

Every dog is unique, with different personalities, histories, and learning needs. That's why I tailor our training programs to suit your dog's individual needs and requirements, ensuring effective and lasting results. 

Focusing on one goal at a time, we can build understanding, fluency and clearer communication; setting both you and your dog up for success for a brighter and positive future!

Training Goals

I focus on your dog's achievements, not their mistakes.

Using customised training plans, focusing on your dog's strengths and struggles, we can build confidence, communication and independent learning.

Behavioural Issues

I can help with puppy training including; teething, socialisation, toilet training, loose leash training.

As well as more complex behaviours; barking at others, anxiety,  phobias, hyperactivity, socialisation issues.

How to book a consultation!

Simply fill out our contact form to get in touch, we always respond within 24 hours. Our consultations take 1 hour and within that time we can discuss your dog's behaviour, history, previous training and what goals you would like to achieve.

You can read more about consultations and training planners in my Blog Post.

Personalised professional training planner

If you choose to book future training sessions, I will create a free personalised training planner for you. Complete with behavioural issues training, management strategies and enrichment suggestions. This will provide a small insight into what training we will be doing and suggest small actions you can do to help set your dog up for success.

Puppy Training

I use positive reinforcement techniques to teach essential commands, leash manners, and basic obedience skills. We create a fun and engaging environment where your puppy can learn and grow while building confidence. Join our puppy training program today and set your puppy up for a lifetime of success!


Our puppy socialisation training program is designed to introduce your furry friend to new experiences, people, and other dogs in a controlled and positive environment. I use proven techniques to guide your puppy through supervised play sessions, interactive exercises, and exposure to various sights, sounds, and environments. By encouraging positive interactions and teaching appropriate behaviors, we help your puppy develop crucial social skills, reduce anxiety, and build a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy socialisation.


I use positive reinforcement techniques to redirect your puppy's nipping behavior and replace it with more desirable behaviors. I'll guide you through proven methods to teach your puppy bite control and provide you with the tools and knowledge to manage and prevent nipping in the future.

Toilet Training

Are accidents becoming a common occurrence in your home? Toilet training your pup doesn't have to be a daunting task. I specialize in effective and humane toilet training methods that will help your pup develop good bathroom habits. I will guide you through a step-by-step process to establish a consistent routine, teach your dog appropriate elimination behaviours, and prevent accidents.

Would you like help with training?

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