Behind the Scenes!

Running my own business is a challenge but one that is incredibly rewarding - especially when there's a wiggly happy tail at the end of the day!

I put all my effort into making my client's and their fluffy friends happy; from puppy's to anxious rescues!

Here is a small glimpse into what I do behind the scenes!


In a meet and greet consultation, I will ask questions about yourself, your dog and what your training goals are. The more information I have, the better I can understand your situation and the better I can help!

My questions will vary depending on what training you may need, for more serious cases, I will ask about your dog's history, physical health as well as how you or your family react to the unwanted behaviour.

During the consultation I'll be keeping an eye on your dog and make observations about their behaviour. Some like to relax and sit on my feet, some sniff out things they shouldn't and some may shy away from me, which is understandable - I'm a stranger and they may not like a stranger coming into their home!

After taking notes throughout the consultation, I will finish by asking what your training goals are and what you would like to focus on first.

With all my notes, I then go home and make a personalised training planner for you and your dog! This will include:

  • A functional assessment of the undesirable behaviour (If there is one!)

  • A 'Management' section, this is where I will suggest immediate changes that will help with future training, for example more exercise, more mental stimulation, a better fitting harness or changing routine.

  • The 'Training' section, this will cover what we can teach your dog, what method we can use and what tools are needed such as; clickers, toys, treats, harness or long lines!

  • The final part of the planner will combine every step of the training journey, showing how management will help us prepare for our training sessions, with our goal behaviour at the end!

This can be used as your reference throughout our subsequent training sessions.

Training Sessions

Training can vary based on what training suits you and your dog best.

Most training is done in your garden or at a local park, ideally a quiet area to begin with so your pooch can focus easily and doesn't get too distracted!

During our sessions, I will talk you through what we'll focus on today and the demonstrate with your dog on how to start training!

After a few repitions of my demonstrations - it's your turn!

As you practice I will observe how you and your dog interact, giving out a few pointers if you need a little help.

Don't worry about making mistakes - you're learning just as much as your fluffy friend. You can't succeed without making a few mistakes!


Training will not succeed without a little homework!

I will ask you to continue what we've practiced during our training session. I'll also suggest seeing how far you can get with the training; challenge yourself and your dog to see what you can achieve!

On our next session, we will discuss what you've practiced and how you're finding the training. We can then go from there and continue on with our next part of training!

24/7 Contact

If you or your dog are struggling with training at home between sessions, I am happy to help!

Though I can't guarantee I will be available on the spot, if you drop me a text or email explaining what's wrong, I will quickly reply with what can be best to make your training successful!

Sometimes our dogs get sleepy or frustrated, which can cause big challenges in training if they aren't recognised!

This is just a tiny glimpse into what I do behind the scenes! If you have any further questions or you're interested in beginning your training journey, please let me know and drop me an email!

Have fun training!