About Me

I became a dog trainer because from a young age I was fascinated by them! I was never allowed to have a dog when I was growing up, each time my parents said 'No', my curiosity and intrigue grew!

We are able to communicate with a completely different species and they are able to understand what we mean - how mind-boggling is that?!

I quickly fell in love with watching dogs perform complex and important duties; police, medical, emergency and therapy dogs, they all fascinate me!

Your average house dog is much smarter than you may think - it’s up to you to find out just how clever they are!

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Why Choose Me

I'm not just a dog trainer, I can help support you too! Sometimes our dogs pick up on our stress, causing behavioural issues and therefore a viscous cycle is made. I can help remind you to enjoy the moment you're in, breathe and have fun!

I put your dog’s happiness first; putting in the extra effort to ensure your dog's enjoyment during our training.

Many clients have commented on my calm and relaxed approach to training, seeing how quickly their dogs warm up to me after only just a few minutes.

I am a modern, positive-reinforcement based dog trainer - I base my training on modern studies to help your pup, using the best methods out there! I continue to pursue further studies, broadening my knowledge and skills with the most updated and force-free methods.

My Philosophy

I will listen to your situation and take into consideration your needs and wants.

I will also observe your dog and listen to their needs and wants.

By understanding both you and your dog, I will help you reach your goals together.

There is no judgement, no pressure, no tension or stress; for both you or your dog.

A happy owner, is a happy dog!

A happy dog,  is a happy owner!

My Experience

My desire to work with dogs rose when I started to work in retail - with my admiration for dogs and desire to run my own business, I began studying at home in between my shifts.

I volunteered and worked tirelessly with my home-study courses. I’ve been studying for 4 years, running my own business for 2 years.

After studying over 1,000 hours and passing 27 video assessments with Victoria Stilwell's Academy, I am now fully certified!

I continue to look out for more learning opportunities; courses, books, lectures as well as reaching out to other science-based trainers for fresh and innovative ideas.

Areas I Cover

I am based in Upton, Northampton. Though I am more than happy to travel across town to help you and your pup!

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Puppy Training

Puppy training designed to set both you and your puppy up for success! Teaching you how your puppy's mind works, as well as helping teach your puppy basic cues and behaviours.

Private Training

I offer home visit training - this can be for behavioural issues, general training or puppy training. Each training session will be for 1 hour. Though for more advanced training, I'm happy to book you in for longer sessions.

Solo Training

I can offer solo training for those who have a busy schedule. I'm happy to visit your dog and provide an hour of training, sending you an update after each session.


I can walk your dog for 1 hour or for 30 minutes. I only walk one dog at a time - ensuring your dog's safety and happiness out on a walk.

Day Training

Day training includes a 1 hour training session at your home while you are at work! Perfect for those working full time and for busy families.

Awarding Bodies

These are the awarding bodies from the courses I have completed so far.

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