Excitable Dog? - Enrichment Can Help!

Mad and hyper running around the house? Constant jumping? Barking?

If this sounds like your dog, you might find that enrichment works wonders in curbing that ball of energy and fluff!

Some dogs get bored during the day, especially when we're working all day and they have nothing to do!

Imagine a toddler being told for hours, all day, to 'sit and be quiet!' - impossible right? It's the same with your dog!

If they have nothing to do, they'll do anything to release all their energy! Resulting in chewing, barking, chasing, jumping and incessant attention seeking!

This is where enrichment can help calm some of that energy down and give your dog something to focus on.

Enrichment is put simply - stuff to do!

But not just any old stuff! Why would we do something that's boring?! Why would we expect our dogs to?

Enrich your dog's environment and mind by experimenting with toys, training games, puzzle feeders, puzzle mats and so much more!

Give your dog a choice! Do you think your dog would ignore a puzzle feeder filled with delicious and aroumious treats inside?! Would he rather beg for your attention, or settle down and chew on a rubber toy stuffed with tasty treats and spreads?

Puzzle feeders come in many different shapes, sizes, difficulties and with various types of puzzles! Don't just try one - search around and try a few!

Or you could teach him a few fun cues, like 'Settle', 'Speak', 'Quiet' and 'Find it!'.

Play hide and seek games with their favourite toy or better yet, hide yourself! Tell your dog to sit and wait, while you sneak off and hide, then call for them! It's so much fun and entertaining for both your dog and you! Desperately trying to hold back your anticipation as you hear them walk by, their nose firing away trying to track your scent - this game is perfect! It doesn't require any equipment or long training hours to get right.

There's plenty more things you can try with your dog, get creative and see what works for both of you!

Go ahead and give your dog choice!