Dangerous Temperatures for Your Dog - Hot Temperatures

I see so many dogs being walked in potentially dangerous temperatures and it's scary to know how many dogs are at risk due to owners being unaware of this danger.

For summer months, heat stroke can be a fatal illness for dogs and the symptoms can be easily overlooked. These symptoms are:

  • Heavy or excessive panting - difficulty breathing.
  • Discoloured tongue and gums: bright red, blue/purple or a pale colour.
  • Excessive drooling, vomiting and/or diarrhea.
  • Disorientation, unsteadiness or restlessness.
  • Tremors or seizures.

It is vital that if you recognise these symptoms and suspect your dog has heat stroke, you must seek a veteranarian immediately!

All dogs are at risk of heat stroke, though old age, certain breeds and obesity can increase that risk drastically.

I highly recommend this website for further insight into heat stroke and how you can prevent a fatal mistake - gopetplan.com